Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm Back and Have a New Rule

I have not posted on this blog since 2012 (I think). Whatever the date, it's been a VERY long time. But anyway, due to today's unfortunate, or thinking positively, mixed bag of events today, I am now going to post every single picture I take that possibly has any value to the internet from now one.

Why? What is the unfortunate side of today's mixed bag of events? My 2008 Macbook died. And not just in one one way--no--this sucker had multiple organ failure. But the organ I am most concerned with is the hard drive. At the Mac Store, after removing the hard drive from the [now] mere shell of what my computer used to be, they hooked it up to another device and a computer, to see if they could pull the data from it. Prognosis negative.

The hard drive spun, but the data could not be read. Maybe some other place could do it, and I will definitely investigate these avenues, but it's going to cost me a minimum of $200. Great. Wish me luck with this endeavor, because I fear I will need it.

You might be wondering why I am so concerned about recovering old essays, accounting homework, and law school notes I will never read again. Well, I'm not. But I WANT MY PHOTOS BACK!!! Many are stored on various places online, but not all, and I want them all back! Argh. Very upsetting. If I had made an online album of every single photo I've taken that was of even the slightest bit of value, I would not be in this situation now. But alas, I didn't. So from now on, that is precisely what I will do: backup my goddamn photos to the internet so no matter what my computer, phone, or camera decides to do, the photos will be accessible anywhere.

Now for the positive side of the mixed bag: I went out and bought a MacBook Air. It's pretty cool. No constantly whirring fans, it's fast, has up-to-date software, and the keys light up (ooh, fancy!).

So I have just now uploaded 195 photos to Flickr this very moment. So that's 195 fewer photos to lose when this computer kicks the bucket in a few years (better last a loooong time--this stinker was expensive!).

So here's a nice one that is saved on teh internets 4eva:
Hanoi  yo

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Too Much for Saturday (in a good way)

There were too many fun things to do Saturday; we tried to make it to all of them, but didn't quite. Warm, sunny day, and the first stop was the Portland Highland Games. A one-day event, and $20 per ticket, we almost didn't go. But we did, and I definitely got $20 worth of entertainment out of it: a little Scottish food (sausage rolls, beer, Tipsy Laird, etc.--no Haggis though!) pipe bands, other Scottish musicians, vendors catering to the shopping whims of anyone who might have a smidge of Scottish heritage that day, and best of all, the Caber Toss. Strong men with too much time on their hands try to run with a huge 150-pound log, and then, when that gets to be too much, they try to throw it. Not sure how they judge it, aside from maybe who can run the farthest with it, but it's fun to watch. Also, I saw my friends Annie, Corey, and Sarah there.
OK, that was in Gresham. Next event is in St. Johns, or so I thought. We drive all the way across town to attend a barbecue that I thought was in St. Johns. Once we're in the vicinity, I turn on the navigation on my phone, only to discover that the barbecue was, in fact, behind us in Kenton. Oops. So we stop for tacos at Taqueria Santa Cruz, and walk down to the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival. Drink some wine, relax, and then the mosquitoes come out. Time to leave. Maybe we can still make it to the barbecue? Maybe.
By the time we get back to the Kenton area, it's 9:30, and I'm guessing it's too late: the barbecue started at 4:00.
Time to go home. Fun Saturday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


David Beckham is in the center of the photo, #23.

Saturday, we had dinner at the Kells Pub on NW 21st, and then went to the Timbers versus Galaxy match. It was an all-around great night, due to the following events:

  • We took the bus to the match, and it was easy! It was convenient! The stop is 2 blocks from our house. I'm so glad to have the option again to take the bus places, because my last home didn't have much in the way of bus services--none at all on the weekends, in fact.
  • The new Kells is fun, and I had the best Shepherd's pie, possibly ever, there. Good whiskey-based cocktails too. 
  • At the match, I got to see David Beckham score 2 goals in short order! Yeah! Beckham! It's like "Footballers' Wives" live! The Timbers lost, but that's too be expected (sorry Timbers Army). Also, Derek got me a cool Timbers t-shirt.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


  • Derek came home smiling tonight--always a good thing.
  • Had a great evening: cooked a very nice Greek-themed dinner, watched the Timbers game (they won!), and walked up to Mount Tabor.
  • Discovered a little cafe a few blocks from our house nestled in at the very end of Belmont at the foot of Mount Tabor.
  • Can sleep in tomorrow.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Moving is Rough

Derek and I have been moving all of our excessive crap over the last two weeks, and it's been rough. Tired and grumpy. But it's over now. We just need to unpack everything, and it's coming along. So I'm finally back to the blog. Here's the day's roundup of pleasantness:

  • Seeing Erik Spoelstra today across the street from my office when I was coming back from lunch. 
  • The kitchen is almost entirely unpacked and ready.
  • I can now go straight home after work instead of running to my old house, packing up the car with old stuff, and getting exhausted.
  • I'm going to bed imminently.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big Day Today

  • We get the keys to our new place tomorrow morning at 8! Yay!
  • I suddenly have a bunch of opportunities. Who knows if they'll pan out, but at least there's something to hope for.
  • I got an A again in accounting this term. I'm taking it again next term. I'll have a second bachelor's degree in no time--this time a BS. But if you ask people who know me, they think I already have BS. Heh.
  • Saw an old friend randomly on the street. That was nice. And since I have so much going on lately, I actually had something to talk about.

Monday, June 11, 2012


  • My shelves are almost all packed, thanks to my parents.
  • It was warm today.
  • I washed my french press, so it's ready for me tomorrow.
  • I will have time tonight to watch TV or read a book before bed.